Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Testing Tuesday

This was never going to be easy. Two to three mile warm up (make that two miles). Two sets of 7 x 400m with 400m jog recoveries (7 x 90 seconds with 60 seconds recovery). Five to six minutes between sets (six minutes). Two to three mile cool-down (two miles).

Body was still tired from the long weekend's exertions and was now in shock thanks to the early morning "back to work" start. The arrival of an engineer to take a poke around my sick PC was the trigger to get me away from the desk and down to the gym. But even then the battle wasn't over with serious consideration given to going downstairs for a trot on a treadmill. However, common sense prevailed and I dragged my weary body outside into the wind & sunshine.

Down to Tower Hill and back to the Wobbly Bridge clocked up two miles and time to start the reps. The wind was against me on the way out to Vauxhall Bridge so the pace was never going to be blistering. However, that meant I relaxed and ran more naturally. Which is a good thing – no? Pace into the wind was about 6:40 while on the way back was nearer 6:10 which gives a good indication of how strong it was blowing.

With long recoveries relative to the interval run time the session turned out to be not as difficult as I had anticipated. This is probably due to making a conscious effort not to over do it on the way out. So satisfied with the session. Easy run tomorrow so hopefully legs will feel OK for Thursday's short tempo.

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