Sunday, 18 April 2010

Happy New Year

So today Kenny and I did a shortened version of the New Year's Day 13 mile off-road classic. I guess we could have made the full route if Kenny had a) been bothered to get up for a 7am start as I suggested b) wasn't in super taper mode and c) didn't stop every 10 minutes for some organic fertilising.

Kenny had a 10-mile route in mind (8.6 miles if starting/finishing at The Amble Inn). I persuaded him a knew a variation that was "probably about the same distance" (if you look on the map not far after the 4-mile marker you can see the turning he wanted to take). So I was wrong. I guess he did 12 miles in all. But come on - for someone who's just run a thousand what's a couple more miles. Well anyway he wasn't too happy with me. I'll live.

Many congratulations to Simon for his 12th place (36:06) and Darren's 30th place (38:07) in the Flitwick 10K. Very impressive for a race with just on 800 runners. I wish I could run that fast...

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