Thursday, 8 April 2010

10K Pace Tempo

The schedule said "25-30 mins tempo run" which I interpreted as "four-mile tempo at close to 10k pace".

After racking my brain for a good route I remembered the Wobbly Bridge/St James Park loop is just over four miles. I used to do this run regularly, however, have been put off from doing it of late due to road works making the crossing of Whitehall extra difficult. If I'm heading over that way these days I'm more likely to cut up to Trafalgar Square, run down The Mall and go round Green Park.

However, none of that today. Along The Embankment, right onto Horse Guards Avenue, straight over Whitehall and Horse Guards Parade, clockwise loop of St James Park and back (via Trafalgar Square due to horses and tourists blocking the parade ground).

Surreal moment of the day was hearing The Band of the Coldstream Guards playing My Way (presumably not the Sid Vicious version) from their barracks near the top of Horse Guards Road. They were probably just out of earshot of Queenie who no doubt would not have been amused (off with their heads!). However, there was no marching band massacre today - just lots of amused (and bemused) tourists. I did consider hanging back in case their next tune was Sex Bomb but decided on balance it was unlikely.

So what about the run? Well the plan was to go out sub 6:30 and keep going at that pace. And as plans go it turned out quite well. I ran a touch too hard (need to watch that for the race) and ended up with a stitch kicking in about mile three. I was able to run through it for another mile but had to stop once the four-mile split beeped. And the pace was indeed sub 6:30 so happy days (although route was pancake flat). Rest day tomorrow so even happier day!

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