Sunday, 11 April 2010

Miserably Ten

So we’re staying with friends for the weekend. They know I run. They automatically assume I’ll be going for a Sunday morning run. That's good.

Steve kindly printed out a section of the local Ordnance Survey map (via some clever software where you buy map squares by the Kilometre) for me to follow. So far so good. Out of the door 8am Sunday morning. Take the gloves but leave the hat behind.

First mile and a half over familiar territory goes fine. Then I pick up the South Cheshire Way. Don't bother - it's rubbish. Swamps, bogs, shoe swallowing mud, long wet grass and footpath arrows but no visible path on the ground. It was a complete nightmare. I usually enjoy venturing off road into the unknown but not today.

It was a relief to get back on the tarmac. But by then my enthusiasm was gone. There is good running to be had in the area. But not today.

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