Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday Slog

I'm tired. We have family staying over Easter and spent yesterday trudging round the Natural History Museum. If was mad busy (45 minute queue just to get in) and draining. Add late nights and over eating and the result is motivation is at an all time low. I'm Billy no mates too. How I made it over the doorstep this morning I'll never know.

But I did. Maybe I'm experiencing what Nigel The Squirrel calls an "empty day". Over the doorstep and north towards Luton Airport - straight into the wind. Nine to ten miles in this? I'll be lucky to do nine to ten minutes. So I plod along the valley, turn right and plod even slower up the hill to Peters Green. Mid way up a shoelace comes undone. An excuse to stop. But not for long.

I continue out towards the Sommeries but turn left down Copt Hall Road before I get there. Notice some interesting woods up on the left. Another day maybe. Back into Harpenden via Cooters End Lane and I've only covered eight miles. Uh-oh.

Based on Kenny's assurance of safe passage I decide to divert into Highfield Oval. The notice on the way in says riff-raff allowed in between 6am and 6pm. I check my watch (and accidentally hit the pause button). Safe.

Round the back I find some woods. No bluebells but the muddy path reminds me of Sherrardswood Park. The cemetery reminds me of our mortality.

Back home but I'm not sure how far I've covered. A bit of playing on map my run and I decide its 10.5 miles.

Right then, where did I leave those Easter eggs? I think I deserve one.

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