Monday, 5 April 2010

Holiday Monday Hoof

It seems like an age since I last met up with Kenny for a run. So long in fact that the cheeky runt wished me a Happy New Year when we met up outside The George at 8:15 this morning (well it is Bank Holiday Monday).

With no particular route in mind we headed through Rothamsted Park and across the field towards the rugby club (ah come on Kenny – how can you not have done this footpath before?). From there the only thing to do was pick up the newly discovered path round the back of West Common to the top of Beeson End Lane. Back to St. Albans Road and a quick left and first right took us onto Cross Lane and back to Southdown and home territory.

Today’s run was far more about conversation and catching up than covering miles and cardio training. Judging by the speed of his most recent reps session it sounds like Kenny is on fire. In this form I can’t think of a race distance over which he wouldn’t whip my ass good and proper. I think I’ll stick to my current plan of race avoidance. However, I did point out there seemed little need to aim for 3:10 when 3:15 will give a guaranteed good for age place in the 2012 London marathon (assuming the qualifying times don’t change).

Anyway can you believe Vienna by Ultravox was released in 1981? That's nearly thirty years ago! I mean thirty years. And it never even made number 1. But what can we do?

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  1. Thanks for the new routes. Anything to avoid Beeson End is a bonus.

    Saw Ultravox in concert back in the day. They were crap, although Midge could hit the notes.