Thursday, 22 April 2010

Not Clever

Out and back run: 20-22 minutes out; faster back.

So let's make that 3 miles at 7 min/mile out. 3 miles at something nearer 6:30 back. Great plan!

Covered the first mile, dodging through city streets, in 6:57. Down to the Embankment and hey ho the wind is behind me as a breeze along the river and over Westminster Bridge in 6:45 and 6:41. Turn around and it's up over the bridge again and back into the wind: 6:22. Too hard, too fast. Flat out effort gets me back to the Wobbly Bridge and up the steps in 6:50. I'm dead.

So a big fat nil points for me for run strategy. And remind me once again why I chose to follow a training schedule that doesn't specify run pace for each session?

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