Friday, 30 October 2009

Upbeat Easy

I doubt the run category “upbeat easy” actually exists. But that doesn't matter. It's a run that starts relatively easy and develops into a tempo. Now let's be clear here: an upbeat easy is done solo. The sort of easy run you do in company where the pace keeps increasing because you (and your companion) are ultra competitive is something completely different.

So today I did a five mile upbeat easy. Initial difficulties choosing a route were resolved when a quick once round the block revealed a strong wind blowing from the east. So that was route decided: head out in a generally easterly direction and let the wind blown me home.

High points on the run included having to cross two motorway slip roads (why build a subway when you can play chicken with juggernauts?), a long slow climb (between mile 2 and 3), a short sharp climb at 3.5 miles and running past my now flattened secondary school.

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