Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Thanks to Kenny easy slow runs are all the rage with Harpenden Running Fource these days. And not wanting to buck the trend I joined the ranks of zone one (heart rate not underground zone) plodders pounding the city’s pavements this lunchtime.

Route today was Westminster Bridge again, although this time cunningly in reverse. That’s reverse direction as in clockwise rather than actually running backwards! The mid-morning rain had stopped by the time I hit the road. In fact it wasn’t even spitting. So one has to wonder why some people still felt the need to walk around with their umbrellas up.

Target was to keep the speed down at around Kenny’s old 10K race pace (yes that slow) which wasn’t difficult as it felt like I was running with ankle weights on. But yet again I ended up overtaking another runner – one of Kenny’s relatives’ maybe?

So that’s three mentions today for Kenny and none for Niall – is that a record?

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