Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sunny Thursday

What a glorious day for running: sunny, 14 degrees and no wind.

I've been somewhat lacking in the tempo run department of late so today was the day to put things right. I decided a trip round St James Park, starting and finishing at The Wobbly Bridge, would fit the bill - just like the good old day - except the old running crowd is now more and I was all on my own. Was wearing the new shoes again, without the foot pod (not much point without calibration), so had the freedom to run without getting stressed about pace - which was very refreshing. According to Gmaps Pedometer the route was 4.5 miles, which I managed to cover at a not to shabby 6:50 pace. So all in all not a bad outing - in fact I'll go so far as saying a most enjoyable run.

Plus I had the psychological boost that I was getting one over Niall, as I knew he was spending lunchtime stuffing his face instead of working on that Nirvana of a 40 minute 10K - back to zone 1 boy with the rest of the fat lads (and Kenny)!

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