Friday, 23 October 2009

Tempo Trio

I thought I'd have a go at calibrating the foot pod on my new running shoes by doing a St James Park/Green Park tempo run armed with both Garmin and Polar running watches. And the great news is that according to the Garmin I've hit a bit a form: averaging 6:17 pace on a warm-up jog isn't to be sniffed at!

Then again perhaps GPS running watches aren't such a good idea in the City after all:

The tempo run itself went OK and the Garmin behaved itself for much of the time but really struggled around Whitehall/Horse Guards and even threw the odd dodge reading on the Embankment and in the parks. So at the end of the day the attempt to calibrate was a failure and I'll have to take the shoes home and try again over the weekend.

Also of note is that today I passed the 1,000 miles for the year milestone. This is some three weeks earlier than last year when I didn't hit the magic number until 12th November.

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