Sunday, 4 October 2009

For the first time ever in the history of Harpenden Running Force the Sunday run was shorter than advertised. Niall's text said he was planning an easy one hour run so I naturally anticipated a 75 minute gallop round the local highways and byways. But no, today we did indeed do an easy (8:09 min/mile pace) 50 minute run.

Dave was somewhere else and Kenny had to duck out after a couple of miles when the pace became too much (although he claimed he had to get back to his wife because she was about give birth or something). Either way I'm pretty sure he only came out to show off his snazzy new trainers (no, not Green Flash this time).

We finished the run with a short sprint along the old railway line path from Crabtree Lane to Station Road. I came last but more amusingly we scared the living daylight out of some all dear out for an early morning meander(now I did leave the gas on didn't I?).

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