Monday, 15 June 2009

Unscheduled South Bank Tempo

Plan for the week was intervals with Rockets on Tuesday and then again with the guys from work on Thursday. That was before I checked my e-mail to find some moron has arranged a meeting for 1pm on Tuesday – grrr. So when Dave wandered past my desk armed with a copy of Runners World (top article on how to tie shoe laces – apparently) and mentioned he was planning a tempo today I felt obliged partake.

Expected rain didn’t materialise – in fact it was quite nice as we headed over The Wobbly to the start. From there it was a straightforward 4-mile tourist tangled tempo along the South Bank to MI5 and back. I decided to stick with Chris thinking he would drop me on the return leg. But had forgotten he’s still building up after injury and so ended up staying right behind him (and I mean right behind) the whole way. We had a mad sprint over the last 50 metres and finished with a dead heat. Commenting on my follow but don’t lead tactic Chris was wondering how slow the pace needed to drop before I would have overtaken. Very, very slow I replied - and I meant it.

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