Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Nearly A Rocket

Out with the Rocket’s again today and pleased to report didn’t completely embarrass myself. In fact, even better, broke my duck and didn’t finish last in every single interval – just most of them.

Session was 3 batches of 4 reps of 75 seconds with 45 seconds recovery with an extra two minutes recovery at the end of each batch. Niall was doing a Kenny (we seek him here, we seek him there…) but Martin was there instead.

Hung onto the back of the bunch for the first rep but wasn’t able to keep up with the backmarkers during the recovery! By the end of the third rep I’d lost sight of the group and after the fourth decided to drop back to a couple of guys that had started with us but been off the pace from the gun. However, during the extra recovery found out they were only doing two batches and so were turning for home. Ho-hum – even more on my own now. However, half way through the first rep of the second batch was greeted by sight of Rockets heading back towards me at great speed. I duly stepped out of the firing line and joined the backmarkers for the remainder of the intervals. The tail end Charlie group had obviously gone out too hard (short-fused Rockets?) and for the remaining seven reps I was able to stay with them. I even had the audacity to finish second and third from last a few times.

So now I know my speed isn’t that bad after all. If I can up my game just a notch a two hopefully I’ll be able to hang onto the coattails of group C for the whole session – we’ll see.

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  1. Hey Niall was curled up in bed with man flu or swine flu and not even in the city!