Thursday, 11 June 2009

Combo Session

So today should have been an interval session with the guys from work. My proposal of four minute intervals with 2 minutes recovery met no objections so we were all good to go with an 11:30 start in order that Chris could be back in plenty time for his 1pm meeting.

Unfortunately things didn’t pan out as hoped. My 11:00 call dragged on well into diminishing returns territory and I was still heading towards the gym to get changed when I met the others on the way out on their warm-up. There was nothing else for it but to get changed double quick and tempo it out to Shadwell Basin to join the intervals from there.

Twenty pedestrian dodging minutes later I finally caught sight of them in the distance just as the second rep was starting. By the time I finally caught up we were down near Narrow Street. There was then some debate as to if we should continue out and go for five intervals in all or turn back and do just the four. Luckily four won the day. I ran the intervals back tailing Chris by some distance but still well ahead of Matt who apparently had been on fire for the first two reps. Felt quite tired by the end and took the more scenic Tower of London warm-down route back to the gym.

I don’t know how much good the session did but boy did my legs ache afterwards.

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