Saturday, 6 June 2009

How Fast?

The theory was pretty straightforward: to run a 40-minute 10k you should be looking to be run 1k reps in 3:30. OK simple enough – slight issue that my 10k PB is 41:24 but you need targets to stay motivated don’t you?

So I figured out a flat 1k route not far from home, dug out my heart rate monitor strap, switched the measurement unit on my watch to metric and headed out to see just how many 1k reps I could do at 3:30 pace. The rather straightforward answer is none. I later worked out 3:30 min/km is 5:38 mile pace; some 20 odd seconds quicker than my usual 1k pace. What I could do is 500m at roughly target pace. But even then only three of them! So still some work to do then.

Oh yes – readings from heat rate monitor were somewhat erratic (now I remember why I don’t use it) but it looks I maxed out at about 170 which doesn’t sound much but probably isn’t that far off my max.

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