Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hot Rockets

Fourteen Rockets out today but mainly of the super quick variety so it was always going to be tough at the back.

A rear group of six quickly formed on the first 75 second rep (45 seconds recovery) although two of the half-dozen had been jettisoned by the end of rep three. Determined to remain with the group my focus was on keeping up with the pace during the reps and just as importantly making sure I didn’t get dropped during the recoveries. Martin doesn’t go for the bent over double gasping for breath recoveries that I favour. Instead you get five seconds gasping, five seconds walking and then straight back into a jog. If you’re off the back at the start of the jog then you’re unlikely to make it back into the group by the start of the next rep. I just managed to hang on to the group's coattails for the six reps out, which was one better than Niall who was clearly paying the price for an hours circuit training on Monday night (on top of the tempo finish to Sunday’s run). On the way back I was able to hold my own as the others tired and was able to take the fight to them through to interval eleven. My twelfth interval was a bit of a damp squid although not actually all that much slower than my two compatriots who by now were also beginning to suffer under the baking sun.

Too hot to run? "Runners are like farmers – never happy with the weather!"

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