Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday With Simon

After yesterday's day-long drizzle it was a relief to see this morning break bright and sunny. And cold... So I was back in longs, gloves and hat as I headed down to The George to meet Simon.

The plan was to do about eight miles and with the wind blowing from the north I suggested we head over to Swan Walk and head towards Luton. The JCBs have been at work behind the sewage works which I hope means the missing link will be paved by summer. However, in the meantime the path is a mud bath and running single file to the side was the only safe way to traverse.

When we got to New Mill End I think Simon was slightly surprised that I wanted to go left up The Hill instead of sticking in the valley. However, he was more than happy to oblige and I'm sure must have secretly enjoyed watching me struggle to maintain the conversation as we ran up-hill.

Once up top we dipped into Luton Hoo to see how the idle rich spend their weekends before heading home via what is now becoming a standard route: Kinsbourne Green Lane, Roundwood Lane, Falconers Field and Roundwood Park back to the Nickey Line.

Simon was running to a deadline and made sure the pace stayed healthy and I didn't slack. In the end we covered just over nine miles at an average pace of 7:39. Not bad give there were a few bumps. Nice one - thanks Simon.

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