Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday Sprint

Speed work on a Saturday morning - who'd have though it? Well the person who put together my 10K training schedule did. Hence this morning I was down for "warm up, then 20 mins fast tempo run, but not flat out". Fast tempo but not flat out - so how fast is that? Hmm, well the nice people at FIRST have mid-tempo as 6:41 and short tempo as 6:26 so I guess I should be aiming for the later. 6:26 does sound a bit punchy though - let's see how it goes.

So with target pace numbers swirling round my head I headed out this morning just after eight although it felt much later (possibly because it was already 11 degrees). The master plan was to warm-up down to Harpenden and then run a three-mile route out through Rothampsted Park, over to West Common, and back.

There was drizzle in the air and the wind was dead against me as I headed up through the park. It was hard work and the first mile to Hatching Green took 6:56. Yikes - that's not very good! However, with the elements switching to work in my favour I was then able to cover the second mile in 6:23 for the third in 6:16.

So 6:32 average for the three miles. On the one hand not bad. But on the other probably not quite good enough. And it hurt! I can see this schedule is either going to give me a PB or kill me. I do hope it's the former.

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