Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring has sprung

The sun is out, the sky is blue, there ain't a cloud to spoil the view......

Yes - spring has allegedly sprung. Two digits are required to display the lunchtime temperature and the tube drivers are well advanced with their plans for a summer strike (OK so I made that last bit up but it's probably true).

Fresh from having missed two weeks of Rockets I was looking forward to today's session. So eager, in fact, that I got to the meet point nearly a minute before the 12:35 off. Richard arrived just after and Steve was apparently at the front mixing with the uber elites.

Up at the canal there was much discussion about the session. Martin arrived mid-debate with a huffing and puffing Colin not far behind (not that this seemed to slow him down). Four 1,200s with two-minute recovery seemed to be winning and then just as we set off it changed to four five-minute efforts. My optimistic assumption we'd be sticking with two-minute recoveries proved to be wrong. And Richard's hopes of an extra minute at the turn were cruelly dashed too.

I'd like to think I ran a B minus session today with a still unfit Martin carrying the flag for C runners to the rear. Surprisingly Sarah seemed to be slower than me although she may well be recovering from a weekend race. Richard put in a superb B plus performance - well at least for the first two reps. And Steve - well he was here there and everywhere (especially when I tried to overtake).

Ian made a classic schoolboy error when his work pass slipped from his hand straight into the canal. Really - I'd expect better from a man of his calibre. And apparently he was too much of a pussy to fish it out - call yourself elite?

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