Friday, 22 May 2009

Thursday Intervals

Rather unusually there were five us for Thursday intervals this week. Chris was back, having spent a number of months out with IBS, while Markus, having suddenly found his workload much reduced, was also able to make a welcome return. The warm-up jog down to the start was all the more interesting when Dave dropped the bombshell that this autumn he’ll be swapping his pin strip suite for a stab resistant tweed jacket as he’s signed-up for a PGCE teacher training course. I wonder if they will teach him the fire extinguisher shuffle and how to get out of a locked stockroom – or was it just my school that was so welcoming to new teachers.

Anyway, having dodged the Tower of London tourists we finally made it to the steps at the start of Spirit Quay for the session through to Narrow Street via Shadwell Basin. Six times three minutes with two minutes recovery is the order of the day and we’re off. Complete the first interval with Markus and Chris and finish following three generally with Chris but falling further and further behind Markus. Damn I need to get that guy out on a Tuesday with Lockett’s Rockets and see how he handles running with the big boys. From here on in stomach doesn’t feel so good and start and finish the fifth and sixth intervals well behind the dynamic duo. Feel happy to be able to complete the final interval with a couple of surges even if my speed is nothing to write home about and I’m not actually racing anyone.

So a good session overall. I didn’t need a wake-up call to tell me how slow I’ve become but having Chris there certainly hammered the message home

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