Monday, 25 May 2009

Redbourn and Rapeseed

Bank Holiday Monday and Running/Curry Fource (well 50% of) are out patrolling the byways of Hertfordshire again. Another late start (07:30 – I could get use to this) and Niall was already waiting for me at the end of his road. This is worrying; I’d already seen an e-mail from Kenny crying out with the too much work excuse (at this time on a Bank Holiday). And with Niall obviously raring to go, that easy run I’d been promised was looking less and less likely. Luckily (for me at least) Niall was still getting over a nasty case of Man Flu and his keenness was more to do with wanting to be back by 08:30 than the usual quest to run me into the ground (phew).

A trip over to Redbourn was quickly agreed and off we headed on another mild (15 degrees) but cloudy morning. I took Niall’s heavy breathing on the first hill as positive reinforcement that we wouldn’t be killing ourselves and when he mentioned he was open to cutting corners I though all my birthdays had come at once. And so once on the Nicky Line skirting the outskirts of Redbourn we did indeed cut a corner and crossed the road to join a footpath directly opposite the entrance to the travellers’ site. I had a feeling I’d run this path once before in the opposite direction and as it turns out I was correct although I wasn’t able to confirm this at first as we traversed a field chest high (I’m only short remember) with Rapeseed. I think it’s fair so say the footpath is not extensively used and was for the most part overgrown to the extent that I made the comment if you were to fall you would probably lie there for weeks before being discovered. The path improved thereafter as it tool us round the posh golf course and I brushed up on my knowledge of great battles of 1066 (Battle of Stamford Bridge: King Harold II of England defeats the Norwegians under Harald Hardrada and of course Battle of Hastings: King Harold’s run of good luck come to an end thanks to Duke William of Normandy).

So back into Harpenden via Rothampsted Park and home for 8:30 on the dot. I’m not sure how far we ran, as at the moment I can’t find my running watch... [EDIT: Just over 7 miles - found watch in my running shoe (don't ask)]

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