Friday, 29 May 2009

Lee Valley (but not the usual one) Intervals

Away for a few days so packed just a short sleeved running top and longish shorts. Over breakfast heard on the radio temperature was going to hit 25 so knew I had to get out and soon (would a running vest really have added that much to the overall weight of my holdall?). Struck me it had been a while since short intervals had been on the menu so ten to twelve 90 seconds intervals with same for recovery were the order of the day. Warm-up took me down Carr Lane (first time for about 30 years) and over the M62 to Netherley, or Lee Valley as it now seems to be called. Intervals took me on the circumference road round the tower blocks now replaced by aspirational housing. Perhaps not the most scenic of routes but it served its purpose and well worth it for when my best Southern Counties “Good Morning” was greeted by a 100% full-on Scouse “all rite” by an old guy walking his dog. Felt exhausted after the eighth interval so decided I’d do just to the 10 reps. However, somehow lost count and what I thought was the tenths interval was actually the eleventh and as I couldn’t possible end on an odd number I had to go for a twelfth. Jogged back a convoluted route that took in The Park, the “railway path” and the Asda petrol station. Six and a half miles in all of which the intervals spanned the middle four.

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