Sunday, 24 May 2009

Solo Sunday Someries

Running Fource was replaced by running solo this morning as Dave had a small matter of 26.2 miles in Rotterdam to deal with, Niall was under both the weather and the thumb and Kenny was well I’m not sure, although he does have that “it’s too far, it’s too fast” mantra of his to deal with. So I get to sleep in and didn’t head until mid morning – OK make that 07:30.

Planned route, which for a change I actually stuck to, was an anti-clockwise loop in the direction of Luton. This involved heading out on the ridge to the east of the Lower Luton Road, through Peters Green bearing towards the airport and the Someries before tuning left into Copt Hall Road which gives you a mile of glorious downhill (although funnily enough I’m not quite so full of praise when running in the opposite direction), turning left at the bottom onto the Upper Lea Valley Walk and back to Harpenden. The new foot/cycle bridge over the Lower Luton Road at East Hyde is a joy; however, progress upgrading the rest of the path is painfully slow.

From the moment I set out my legs felt heavy and sluggish – I know I did a short ride on the bike round Chiswell Green yesterday but for the most part I was taking it very easy (OK except for that bit on the way back on the Harpenden Road – well I wouldn’t want to be overtaken by another cyclist would I?). So I was glad to be out on my own and taking it very easy. The weather was glorious: about 12 degrees, sunny and best of all no wind. Yes no wind – fabulous. The flies were out in force but the paths were generally nettle free (give it a month). The first section of the route along the Lower Luton Road was OK that time in the morning, but in future I think running up Bower Heath Lane and cutting left at the junction at the top would be a wiser move. So all in all about nine miles, one big hill and back home before 8:45. Sorted.

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