Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Harpenden Hill Reps

The fine weather of the last week or so has been placed by damp and cloud so painting the garden wall was out of the question. Had already decided on hill reps before checking the weather and so late morning headed out into the drizzle for a bit of pain. Made sure I did a good 10 minutes warm-up before starting on Westfield Rd and then did every uphill road on the way back (St James Rd, Lea Rod, Ox Lane, Manland Way/Stewart Rd & West Way) finishing with Manland Ave. There was a strong easterly wind, but thankfully only really hit it on Stewart Rd). Probably took it a bit to easy as didn’t feel awful at the end but at the same time couldn’t face running up Station Rd. Still, 6.5 miles under the belt and an afternoon staring out of the window at the rain to look forward to – bring it on.

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