Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday Solo

Simon had reported in ill. And Kenny was... well Kenny was more than three minutes late so I left without him.

So all on my lonesome I headed off for what tuned out to be 11 miles of off-road ups and off-road downs (although it's the ups I remember more). New paths were a-plenty including one behind the hedge to the left of Bowers Heath Lane (thanks Simon - beats being squashed by a Chelsea tractor) and the three miles from Peters Green to Kimpton. Three miles! Is that a record?

On reflection I didn't choose the best route out of Kimpton - should have gone left first right when I hit the High Street (instead of the other way around). I'll know better next time.

So all in 10.9 miles covers at 7:50 pace - I would have take it easier but had to push on as I started three minutes late...

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