Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sore Arm Running

Following the Barbwire And Bloodied Knees incident with Simon I realised my tetanus jab is past its sell-by date and I need a top-up poke in the arm. Evening appointments are as scarce as rocking horse poo at my local surgery so I was booked in at 9:30 this morning for a rendezvous with a large pointy needle thing. Not expecting to get into the office until close on 11 meant a lunchtime run was off the agenda while an early morning jaunt was very much on.

So 6:25 saw me out of the door and heading off in the direction of my new stomping ground: Kimptom Bottom and Peters Green. But first it was up the hill to Sauncey Wood and, hold on, there's a path going through the woods! Well that's an opportunity not to be missed. And what a fine path it was. Wide and not too rutted. Must remember to incorporate it into a Sunday run.

And then it was onto the footpath down to the Blue Cross animal rescue centre on Kimpton Bottom across the road and off in the general direction of Peters Green. Kimpton Road is a bit busy for my liking but I didn't have time to detour (although if you zoom in on the map you can see I did initially turn right and think about it).

For once, time was on my side, so I was able to take it easy and averaged only 8:48 across the whole run. Which is a full minute per mile slower than the similar but longer Black Socks and Ankle Deep Mud run at the start of the month (again with Simon). So if there's one thing we can conclude from today (other than I'm scared of needles) is that left to my own devices I'm a lazy runner.

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