Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Heartwood evening run

Hold on, I just need to check how far it is from London to Geneva... What, about 460 miles? OK that should be far enough..

So this evening I did the unthinkable and had traitor tattooed on my forehead. OK, that might be a slight over exaggeration. But it felt like it. Yes today I went out for my first ever run with "the affiliated running club in Harpenden". Well that's the title across the top of their web pages.

I didn't want to do it - Simon made me. Well actually, more to the point, I couldn't get out for a run at lunchtime. Previously I would have got up early and headed out before breakfast. But today I couldn't be bothered. So instead I went running with them instead.



  1. It is ok, you can make up for it on Saturday the 5th of June. Just make sure you are outside Ken's house at 8am ready to run. Don't wear your Aro vest!

  2. Niall - I did make him do it.... he didn't have a choice and I had to run with him all the way to protect him form the others.
    Paul - what's all this affiliated stuff? Members of the ARC but I don't see it, have I missed something?