Sunday, 13 June 2010

No Dramas

Easy week: 20 miles - lowest weekly mileage since October.

Monday: three miles easy Blackfriars Bridge loop.
Wednesday: five and half miles easy Westminster Bridge loop
Friday: three miles on the treadmill (yes treadmill!)

With Simon entered in the St. Albans half and Kenny not running I was left to my own devices today. Which meant I immediately morphed into Mr Indecisive.

North, south, east, west? Hilly, flat?

Hmm. In the end I decided to start by running north along Swan Walk. Why? Because it was flat. Yup I took the easy option.

But what to do next? Left up the big hill? Right at East Hyde? Right up Copt Hall Lane? My indecision meant I kept going until I'd run past all the options except one: Copt Hall Lane it was.

The running relaxed and easy. There was no need to rush so I didn't. The hill up to Sommeries Castle (it was really a fortified manor house rather than a castle) wasn't a problem. And from there back it was all more or less downhill home.

Eight and a half miles done. No dramas.

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