Sunday, 20 June 2010

The long route to Peters Green

With no one responding to my Sunday morning call (text message) to roster I was left on my own for this morning's run. Naturally I took this as an opportunity to sleep in and didn't hit the tarmac until 7:30 am.

The planned route as vague as ever: head in the general direction of Peters Green and see how it goes. As it happens I was barely a mile from home when I deviated from plan. The path through Sauncey Wood was too tempting and then at the end I went left instead of right. Now in new territory the path came to a road. It didn't look familiar so I went straight across onto a promising looking footpath. In truth I thought I was close to Kimpton Bottom. But I wasn't and was now heading east. Eventually after another mile or so I realised where I was and took a right turn and back in the general direction of Peters Green.

Ah but why stay with the known when you can venture off into the unknown. So off-course I went and ended up the wrong side of a barbed wire fence and having to run an extra mile to get back on the right road (mile 5).

So eventually I did make to Peters Green but it had taken a while. I started heading along my newly discovered path to Kimpton but time was against me so I had to cut right and made for home.

Sticking to familiar paths I cover the last 4 miles in good time although overall pace was still only slightly sub 8-minute mile. All in all quite an enjoyable run. Just a shame I didn't have time to make it to Kimpton and Gustard Wood.

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